It’s that time of year over at Lisa Renee’ Photography:

If you are a First Responder (Police/Fire/EMT), Active Military, or Veteran, contact Lisa Renee’ Photography for information about our complimentary sessions! 

Lisa herself was raised in the Military overseas in Japan, her father was always TDY & hardly ever home. She has NO family pictures at all from her childhood/teen years of her family all together. She has a long family of First Responders as well, including a Mother in Law who is Retired Police Chief, an Uncle who is a State Trooper, several EMT & Fire Fighter family members & other Military family members/Veterans. Lisa knows the importance all to well of having those family images. Lisa Renee’ has offered complimentary sessions to First Responders/Military for the last 5 years. 

Complimentary sessions are offered once per year to those in uniform. It is recommended that the active person be in uniform, but not required. The whole purpose of these sessions for is to make sure that your children, spouse, and family will have lifestyle photo memories & moments captured & can be looked back on in generations to come. 

In the event of a tragic situation, such as the events in Dallas, or the Richardson officer shooting, families will always have precious moments to cherish. 

Lisa has worked with those in uniform from, but not limited to: Wylie PD, Little Elm PD, Lewisville PD, Frisco PD, Prosper PD, Richardson PD, Ponder PD, Dallas PD, Krum PD, Denton PD, Plano PD, Allen PD, Mckinney PD, as well as Fire/EMT for each of these listed cities, on top of Air Force, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard & Army. 

The friendships built through these sessions hold a special place in Lisa’s heart. 

Contact us today for your complimentary session. 





The importance of documenting the little moments:

Did you know that documenting the little moments in your family’s life can lead to important story telling for your child or grandchildren through the years? 

When you capture a moment as it’s happening versus a posed image, you are capturing or should I say documenting that moment in time through the image. You are capturing the story! 

Think of when your children are playing legos together or building a fort & they have those little expressions or excitement or adventure on their little faces, or even those moments of frustration & tears. In the years to come, you are going to wish you could have bottled those moments up. You are going to wish you could see those little brothers playing nicely, or even arguing once they are off to college & out of the house. 

Story telling images take us back to that exact moment, it is almost as if we can still smell the scent of the air, feel the warmth or coolness of that day, remember exactly what we had for lunch, because that image was captured in the moment. 

When you document your life, you don’t worry about the clutter, the mess, the drool, the mix-matched clothes with underwear on over their jeans, or a cape around their neck & them jumping off the couch onto the coffee table, you are capturing WHO they are in that moment. You are creating an image that will hold the story of your child, or family member for generations. 

Documenting life’s little moments can be done with your spouse, children, parents, or grandparents. These beautiful moments will last a lifetime and beyond.

When documenting your family story, we capture the behind the scenes, un-posed moments. We Sneak in the bedroom & capture your 3 year old playing at their little toy kitchen set, or peek through the door to see your teenage son reading a sports magazine on his bed with headphones on. We capture your 6 year old helping you make pancakes in the kitchen, or your 2 year old writing all over the walls with bath crayons. 

Lisa Renee’ offers Documenting & Day in the Life sessions to give you a full experience of just how emotional & deep these moments are. 

Contact us for more info Lisa Renee’ Photography to schedule your family’s lifestyle photography moments today!

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