What to wear for spring pictures:

Spring is here and we’ve already experienced the crazy Texas Weather! Some Spring days are cold and windy while others are scorching hot. Regardless of the weather, you want your hair, make up & outfit to look amazing. No matter what the weather, Lisa Renee’ Photography helps keep your family lifestyle photo session beautiful and stress free! With years of experience, we help you pick out the perfect outfits and suggest fabulous hairs styles that will work the best no matter what the crazy Texas weather ends up being.

We love to recommend layers. With layers, you can accessorize, you can take off a layer, add a layer, & match all family members according to the mixture of colors. We can express your family’s style based off various factors, ranging from the color scheme in your home, where you plan to display your images, or based off of a specific color theme you’d like to go for. Unsure about a color scheme? Neutrals are always a hit for any time of year because they are easy to coordinate & match just about any color scheme anywhere. 

Lisa Renee’ Lifestyle photo sessions begin with an inspirational board that we put together specifically for you, based off the questionnaire you’ll fill out for us upon booking. This visual inspiration board will give you many ideas ranging from what type of outfit for mom (dress, skirt, jeans etc) to what to accessorize with (necklace, hat, scarf). There are many things that people don’t think of to help their images truly pop in the color department. 

Spring sessions usually have a pop color. Maybe it’s a bright yellow, or a coral, maybe even an aqua blue. Something that makes the images encompass the Spring season. 

Once you book your family’s session, we guide you through the planning process so you’ll know that your outfits all come together for the perfect combination. 

Some Spring photo Do’s and Don’ts:

Don’t go overboard with matching outfits.

Don’t bring the plaids.

Do choose mom’s shirt or blouse color first then choose coordinating colors for dad and the kids.

Do choose clothing with accent colors…this makes it easy to find a great combination for everyone.

At Lisa Renee’ Photography, We’re with you every step of the way, from booking to hanging you gorgeous lifestyle photos on your living room wall!

ana deteau