Here's a list of our top 11 choices for your next photography session.

Natural light photography is always beautiful. Out in the fresh air, with a nice breeze, surrounded by nature is the perfect location for pictures. Some spots might be better for one shot, while a different place might be best for another type of shot. We have chosen 10 beautiful spots in Collin County, Texas for amazing photography sessions. Here you will find the perfect places for all your pictures. We have romantic places for wedding, engagement, bridal, pregnancy and other “couple type” pictures. There are places with playgrounds and even a park with teddy bear statues where you can have some story book pictures taken of your little ones. We have found great places for family photo sessions, multi generation pictures and family get-together shots. Don’t forget senior and graduation photo shoots. For most of these locations you could bring some lunch and have a family outing before or after your photo session. You could have some natural, not posed for, pictures while you’re enjoying a relaxing picnic and your children are playing on the playground or running through fields of colorful wildflowers. 


  1. Studio 204 

You can find this unique natural light photography studio in McKinney Texas. They provide everything from boudoir to family group photos. If you’re looking for someplace where you can have a professional photography session with a natural light setting, this is the place to go. It’s not always practical to have your pictures taken outside. It might be raining or too cold. Someone in your group might not be able to get around as well as they’d need to in order to have your pics outdoors. Well, Studio 204 could easily solve that issue for you.


 2. Bob Woodruff Park


This lovely park features a lake where you could get some nice pictures standing or sitting beside the water. Pictures next to a lake or water structure are always beautifully peaceful looking. Watching the water can relax you, thereby causing you to look natural and relaxing in your photos. There are plenty of ducks to feed and take pictures with. Children’s photography sessions would be great here. There is a nice playground where those pictures could be taken. It is free unless you’d like to rent the pavilion out. It is located at 2601 San Gabriel Drive in Plano Texas.


3. Adriatica Bell Tower


This is in the Adriatica Village in McKinney Texas, located at 401 Adriatic Pkwy. You can visit it for free. This interesting village is modeled after a Croatian fishing village. The bell tower is at the center of the village with a small rustic Bella Donna Chapel within walking distance. It is a beautiful place for pictures. Couples pictures turn out wonderfully when taken with this unique village as the background. The bell tower is located on the water, so you can get some great shots with that in the background as well. Sunrise and sunset photo sessions are serene with the view of the tower or the water behind you. After your session at the bell tower, stroll on over to the chapel and take some more shots over there. 



4. Prairie Creek Park


This is really an incredible place to have your next photo session. This nature park is located at 2305 West Prairie Creek Drive in Richardson Texas and is free of charge. There are so many features of this park that you could take all sorts of shots here. There are fields of wildflowers for photos of children, family and engagement pictures. Get some shots of your little ones running through the flowers playfully. Have some photos taken from above while you and your children are laying down surrounded by multicolored flowers. There is a lovely old bridge just perfect for wedding, bridal and romantic photos. This park has a nice creek with big stones and even has waterfalls. You can up climb on the rocks for some family pictures. This is a popular area for graduation and prom pictures with the waterfalls in the background. A picture shoot on the rocks with the falls all around is fabulous also. The photo opportunities here are endless. This is a perfect spot for a day trip. You can bring lunch and have the photo session while you are there relaxing and enjoying your family’s company.


5. Lakeside Park

bob woodruff.jpeg

This 14-acre park is well known for its teddy bear statues. There is a lovely lake with a dam and a bridge. The lands are incredibly well landscaped. It is a free park. Found at 4601 Lakeside Drive in Highland Park Texas, this is perfect for all types of photo shoots. Engagement and romantic wedding pictures standing on the bridge with the water in the background would be beautiful. Graduation shots from the bridge turn out lovely too. It is the ideal fairytale place for children’s pictures. Have your little ones pose with the teddy bear statues or with some wild flowers in the background. This makes a precious photo session that you’ll treasure always, plus your children will have such fun taking pictures with the teddy bears. 



6. Dragon Park


This small park is privately owned. It is free to visit, and you can take some great nature shot here. It is a bit difficult to find and there is not much in the way of available parking, but it is worth the trouble. It contains all kinds of neat, interesting statues and sculptures. You’ll find it at 3520 Cedar Springs Rd in Dallas Texas. This is a good place for family pictures or photo of your children. You can find some quiet spots for couples photo sessions here also. Since it is privately owned, and the owner is generous enough to let people visit, remember to be respectful. 


7. Tunnel Trees Train Tracks & Train Bridge


These abandoned train tracks are found in Lucas Texas. This is an interesting place to take pictures. With the tunnel of trees and the train tracks, country engagement pictures would be perfect. Family photos in this spot look amazing also, as well as children’s pictures. If you are having a country wedding, this place is a must for your photo session. Bring along some cute country props and imagine the amazing pictures you’ll come away with.



8. Wales Manor Vineyard & Winery


Found at 4488 County Road 408 in McKinney Texas, this beautiful vineyard provides a romantic spot for pictures. You could have some incredible engagement or bridal photos with the vineyards in the background. Be sure to make a day of it. Have a wine tasting session. Then stay for their delicious dinner and dessert. You could take some family photos here also. Some pictures of your children playing in the vineyards would be precious. Bring along a picnic lunch to enjoy after having your pictures taken.


9. Shawnee Park Trail

You can find this small park at 3380 Sherwood Drive in Plano Texas. It is free to visit. This park features a lake with fishing pier and playground. Sunrise / sunset photos are beautiful here. You can spread a picnic out in the grass and get some great natural looking family photos. Have the kids play on the playground for some fun shots of them. Bring some props along with you and get some unique pictures. Take some shots of your children fishing off the pier or take a family fishing photo with everyone included. Everyone can stand on the pier or shoreline for a shot with the sunset in the background.


10. Historic Downtown McKinney, Texas

Mc-Kinney-McKinney_downtown from rooftop048-TourTexas.jpg

This is a fun, interesting place to visit and have pictures taken. It is full of old historic buildings to pose in front of or on the front steps of. Graduation pics or senior photos would be excellent here. There are lots of charming restaurants and stores to take city type pictures in front of. You’ll find small planters with gardens in them to use for the backgrounds of some of your photos as well. Family pictures are nice here. You can choose to take some engagement shots in from of an old drug store or maybe next to some a flowering garden. Stay after your session to shop around in the cute stores and have some lunch or dinner. It is a busy place so be sure to schedule your photo session at a time when festivals and other popular activities are not going on. 


11. Arbor Hills Nature Preserve


This 200-acre park can be found in Plano Texas at 6701 West Parker Road. You can visit it at no charge. You will find hiking trails for some shots with a beautiful natural background. Pictures under the covered pavilion are popular and turn out amazing. There is a viewing tower where you could get some pretty colorful sunset / sunrise photos. You can even get some “field of flowers” photos here. Consider this location for all types of photo sessions. Couples shots taken from the tower are so romantic. You can take some family and children’s pictures on the playground or in the middle of a field surrounded by wildflowers. 


Wherever you choose to have your photo session, be sure you are enjoying yourself. The more relaxed you feel, the better your pictures will turn out. Have fun with it. Make a day of it. Pack a lunch or a picnic, plan to spend the day and maybe visit someplace new. You want to be able to look at your pictures and remember a fun filled day with your family while getting some perfect shots for memories later.