Words from a Mother, a Photographer, an emotional being

If you have ever spoken with me about Photography & my WHY... then you'll know it's because I am a very emotional person & I have NO images at all of my family growing up. I have 2 images of me around 6-10 months... but my family simply did not do professional photos.... we hardly ever did photos at all.


As a mother, I watch this little girl, who favors me in so many ways, I watch as she giggles, as she gets surprised by little things, as she touches something new, or as the wind blows her hair in her face & it doesn't phase her. I watch as she goes to take a big step off our porch, but stops right at the edge & reaches for my hand. I watch as she points that little chunky finger at me, telling me "NO!" that she is not going to model for me today. I watch as she then tells me to sit in the grass with her, while she sits in the biggest dirt pile she can find in her brand new yellow & white outfit. She then takes my hand & puts a leaf in it, she leans down, rubs my arm & says "Mommy, okay?" As if she knew I was getting all emotional just watching her... I wanted to bottle up the voice she used, I wanted to freeze the look of concern on her face, & even lock in that gorgeous sunlight in the background & how it was shining through her curls. I wanting to hold on to this very moment for a lifetime, because ya know... she is growing SO FAST! Her little arm rolls are getting smaller, her gummy grin is getting more teeth, her baby curls are getting bigger, her tiny toes are starting to stink... <3 I want to bottle it all up... but, for now, I will take the pictures I can get... & these, I will cherish for a lifetime. <3 I will be able to look at these in 30 years & still feel the Texas sun on us tonight, the tear welling up in my eyes as she said "Mommy, Okay" I will still hear her voice then, as I do now, because these images capture exactly that... they aren't posed, they aren't forced, they are my Daughter.... Avalynne Renee' in the moment! <3 And BTW, the lighting was PERFECT tonight, these are completely UNEDITED! <3